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[CDT-L] Sierra Zip stove

Forgive if this has been a thread before I joined the list...

Each summer my wife and I  debate whether to give up the liquid gas stove
habit and save 1 1/2 lbs by trying the wood-burning Sierra Zip stove.  We
have a model several years old  and know how fast they can be under good
conditions. This year I seem more tempted than usual... What I can't be
happy with yet is a reasonable "back-up" system for horribly wet weather or
the odd night when there is nothing burnable around... or perhaps for a
section where the stove might be banned because of the wood-burning aspect.
(?)  I bought some Esbit fuel tabs to try in the stove by themselves, but
using very cold water in a breeze ("normal" conditions)and a makeshift
windscreen I fluctuate between 13 to 25 minutes to a rolling boil.  I've
burned 3 or 4 tabs at a time in different configurations and can't cut that

I would like to email-chat with someone who has definitely used the Sierra
Zip stove all the way on either the CDT or the PCT.  I'm not on the PCT
list... maybe someone would forward my request over there for me.  Anyone
have the current email for "Uphill Bill" who used it on the PCT or for Frank
and Diane who used it on the CDT???  I'd love to contact them.  Anyone else
I should contact who has gone the distance with Zip, so to speak?

Thanks,  Bob
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