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[CDT-L] Bugs

For us, southbounders, (starting June 1) the bugs were really bad in
southern Montana and northern Wyoming - basically mid-July to mid-August
- right after snow-melt. We had a couple of freezing nights in the Winds
that helped a lot, and had no problems after that, it was too cold most
of the time.  The backpackers we met in Yellowstone and the Winds
complained a lot, but by the time we got there at the beginning of
August, they were already starting to ease off.   Worse than the
mosquitos, in many ways, were the flies, but they only bit during the
day.  They were maddening, though. Wearing long Supplex pants helps a
lot. The ranger in the Belly River (Glacier NP) said that the mosquitos
there could be a big problem in June - as usual, it is the first few
weeks after snowmelt that are the problem.  If you started south  around
July 1, then it would probably be the Bob that would be buggy, and parts
of Glacier.
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