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[CDT-L] CDTS Vacation Schedule

If anyone on the list is planning to order Continental Divide Trail Society 
publications, please do so promptly, as we will be away from mid-April until 
well into May.  You can find a complete list of publications at <A 
HREF="http://www.gorp.com/cdts/";>CDTS Home Page</A> in the Marketplace link.  
The revised supplement for Wyoming will also be available as soon as we 
return. It will be 46 pages, priced at $10.95 (member price $10.00) postpaid 
in U.S.  Please call or e-mail with questions.

Continental Divide Trail Society
3704 N. Charles St. (#601)
Baltimore MD 21218

(Jim Wolf, 410/235-9610, cdtsociety@aol.com)
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