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Re: [CDT-L] tarp instead of tent

I'd have to agree with Jim, but at the same time disagree.

What you say is true alright, but I disagree for differant reasons.
Toby, if you have the experience of using a tarp, and feel comfortable using
one in various conditions(even extremes, where no one can bail you out), then
go for it. I'd darn sure advise you to NOT learn how to use one one on a CDL
thru hike tho.

I have used one for many years, from the summers and winters of NM, to the
same, all through Canada and Alaska. Infact, the only time I'll use a tent,
any season, is if I'm going to stay in the same spot for a couple or more

Practice while hiking with someone that has a tent you can share, or close to
home when carrying a tent. That way you can always bail to the tent. Soon you
learn that the site is chosen more carefully with a tarp. Besides, it allows
you to more easily see what is sniffing around your camp. :-)


Jim Owen wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Mar 2000 15:15:16 EST TJBAKOS@cs.com writes:
> >
> > I've been trying for a long time to cut packweight, and am
> > considering switching to a tarp instead of tent.
> Toby -
> I've used a tarp on the AT a couple times.  But now every time I hear
> someone talk about tarps, I remember some of the nights on the CDT where
> there were literally millions of mosquitos just waiting for us to get out
> of the tent.  We didn't sleep some nights because they were so loud.  I
> also remember thunderstorms a nd snow in Colorado and Wyoming where the
> tent kept us warmer than a tarp would have - and dryer.
> You are, of course, certainly welcome to use a tarp, but I don't - and
> probably won't.
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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