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[CDT-L] NM Wilderness

To:  the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Hi, good people, I would like to request suggestions and / or help in
lobbying Pete Domenici and Jeff Binghaman and / or others for more (yes,
MORE!) wilderness area in NM.
Specifically, I would like to see some of my near and dear Cibola
National Forest, especially in the Mount Taylor area, protected.
Frankly, I am disgusted with the amount of trash I have to pack out of
the trails every time I visit the Forest.  Many hunters' stands and
firewood cutters' areas are littered with glass containters, intact and
smashed; cans, bags, etc., etc.  As well, it seems that every weekend a
new road has been etched into the fragile landscape by some overzealous
It seems that the NF people make only perfunctory efforts to stop the
offroading; e.g., by bulldozing berms, which are easily driven around.
And I've NEVER seen one of the (new) green trucks transporting any of
the personnel in to the forest to police the area.  You should see how
many miles of black plastic pipe which was supplied for the cattle
lessees is now strewn along the forest roads, broken and useless,
resembling so many snakes.
Particularly because the Continental Divide Trail goes through this
area, I would hope that there would be some support for preventing some
of the gratuitous motorized abuse of the land.
I suppose that any possible wilderness designation here would need to
include cherrystems for the road to La Mosca Peak for the propane truck,
and for the annual Winter Quadrathlon.  Fine.  But let's protect the
rest of the forest from the drinkers, the trashers, and the casual and /
or frivolous visitors.
Is it too much a fantasy to suppose that the good Senators can be
lobbied successfully?
Tom Bombaci, Jr.
Grants, NM


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