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Re: [CDT-L] A little confused.

Agreed regarding water sources. There are some that are not on the maps, BLM 
or FS, and a few that are depicted on the maps but not there in reality.

Agreed on access. Highway 10 is definitely more traveled than the road to 
Antelope Wells, but Pat Harris is not the only business in Hachita. However, 
he is the only business person I know of who's eager to assist thru-hikers 
in that area.

Regarding Jack Fair on the PCT, his place is not the only source of water in 
that area. I know people who said they got water at the school there. Also, 
locals along the aqueduct graciously and gladly filled my water bottles at 
least once. I have to say that was the hottest hiking I've ever done (around 
120 degrees) and that day I drank 20 liters of water!
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