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Re: [CDT-L] What is a "thru-hiker"?

>>but how do you get it back in the cage  after it's learned to fly?

>>Ginny, (beating my wings furiously against the bars)
>>& Jim (setting the explosive charges)

>now that's problem solving for ya

Problem solving?   No, I'd say it's a rather succinct statement of the
eternal problem for those who have tasted the delights of extended time on
mossy trails along streams, or day after day on open ridges with expansive
panoramic views, or... etc.  How to deal with not being out there, with
having to contend with petty societal demands involving paperwork, jumping
through the hoops demanded by the need to put food on the table, and
realizing that the glaze over folks' eyes as you try to explain what you
have seen and experienced is really not their fault, because, in striding
out of the cage and then stretching your wings, you slipped into another
world of experience.  In terms of "normalcy," it's corrupting...  If Thoreau
was correct in saying "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation," then
long-distance hikers, in between hikes, have a little more quiet desperation
than others.  But the same could be said of anyone who has dared to break
out of any type of mold and has blossomed through experience in ways  that
others can't imagine or dare to try.  The answer to Ginny and Jim's
question, which they and all of you know,  is that you CAN'T, pure and
simple. Your life is forever different and you are not the same bird any
longer.  In spite of the frustration, Thank God!  
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