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[CDT-L] CDT class of '00

     In regards to youguestion about this years thru-hikers.  I've sent 
e-mails to the people that I've talked with in the past about doing it this 
year.  So far there are nine people that I know of.  Two are ify do to a 
sail-boarding accident.  Three(myself included) I would call definate.  The 
rest I'm unsure of, I guess I'll hear from them in a few days to see what 
thier current plans are.  I will try my best to compile a list of this 
year's thru-hikers.  I'm sure there must be a few hikers that are not on the 
web, so if any of you know of anyone how about letting me know.  Pardon the 
sloppiness of this note but Hotmail's edit functions don't seem to want to 
work today.
                                Happy hiking;
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