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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt-l] request for your ideas


Good topic...  I can think of a few good, romantic places, but in late March 
I'd have to go with Utah's Canyon country.  

When I was in college in Missoula, we headed to Utah for an annual spring 
break backpacking trip.  On our first trip to Utah, we hiked across Capital 
Reef N.P., the moon was full, the weather amazing, and the Halayatuke Comet 
happened to be steaking through the sky.  One night, we headed out for a 
moonlit hike up onto a canyon rim, sat a thousand feet above the narrow 
valley below, and were amazed by the canyon moonscape clearly visible by 
moonlight.  Sitting there with that scenery all around, I had that tingling 
feeling borne by watching something spectacular.  Then the largest shooting 
star I've ever seen slowly streaked through the sky above the horizon, it 
burst into three parts, all of them different colors that changed as they 
burnt up in our atmosphere.  Unbelievable.  It was just too bad that I was 
sitting next to a buddy from college, not my girlfriend.

The full moon is March 19, I highly recommend canyon country for a romantic 

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