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Re: [CDT-L] water


It is a good idea to avoid any possible chemically contaminated water, 
especially where there are mines; old gold mines may still leach strychnine 
into the water, with an orange cast to the water, you won't want to be 
slurping that up.  I'm pretty sure filters don't do much to treat chemically 
polluted water.  

A good thing though is that you can usually tell if the water is ok, good 
water will have just the right amount of green algae and won't have any foam 
on top.  You can also look at the map to help determine whether the water 
could possibly be polluted from upstream.

Ray Jardine, in Beyond Backpacking, has good tips about water.  He and his 
wife have apparently built up a tolerance to giardia, and now drink untreated 
water from safe (chemically and organically speaking) sources.  Speaking of 
his book, it also has a lot of other good advice.

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