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RE: [CDT-L] water

Avoid contaminated water at all costs. Some carbon filters will remove heavy 
metals etc. but I don't think they'll clean up the organic solvents. Check 
with the manufacturer's specs to be certain. Nevertheless bypass all 
uncertain water sources if you can.

On the plus side if you only drank from a contaminated source one time you 
are not likely affected. Your body can and will eliminate toxins, but it all 
depends on what's in the water. I try to get my water as high up and as 
close to the source as possible, though sometimes that's impossible.

Also, regarding water, some people are naturally resistant to Giardia. 
Really. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I've had it twice, once on the 
PCT and once on the CDT. Funny thing is I drank from every spring on the AT 
and never had a problem. The Appalachians have the best water (my oppinion).

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