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RE: [CDT-L] Mechanized use

Correction on my comments below.  Insert CDT Society in each place I mention
the CDTA or CDT Alliance.  Sorry!

>To: CDT-L,  cdt-l@backcountry.net
>From: rogercar@pacifier.com (Roger Carpenter)
>Subject: RE: [CDT-L] Mechanized use
>Finally, my reply after some thought about the issue.  My original comments
were not motivated by the "do mountain bikes damage the trail or infringe on
the quality of hikers' experience?" issue, and I don't even want to discuss
it.  My comments were motivated by my appreciation of the CDTA speaking out
on behalf of hikers' interests with regards to protecting the trail from
mechanized users.  I appreciate the fact that the CDT was initiated well
after parts of the CDT route was already torn up by road builders, ORV
users, mountain bikers, miners, ranchers, loggers, etc.  The fact that I
walked on roads for a fairly high percentage of my northern Colorado CDT
section hike last year validates this.  It appears that allowing mechanized
users on the CDT was a compromise to satisfy local interests along the
route, and that parts of the CDT follow roads because no other route or
trail exists.  
>I prefer the higher standards set by the PCT (hikers and equestrians only)
and the AT (hikers only) when it comes to the big 3 long distance trails
(including the CDT). Because the CDT does not have such a lofty standard, we
must rely on the hard work of organizations like the CDT Alliance to help
protect the CDT piece by piece.
>At 04:46 PM 3/1/00 -0800, Robinson, Brian A wrote:
>>Hi Roger,
>>You mention appalling damage.  Was this from MOTORIZED dirt bikes or human
>>powered ones?  I've seen appalling damage from the former, not the latter.
>>I seem to be in the minority, but I can tolerate mountain bikers, especially
>>if they'll join "the rest of us" to get the trails built and maintained.
>>(But not in wilderness or National Parks, of course.)
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: rogercar@pacifier.com [mailto:rogercar@pacifier.com]
>>I agree with Jim Wolf's (CDT Society) statements, which seem to imply
>>placing as many legal barriers as possible to mountain bike use on portions
>>of the CDT that are not already restricted to mountain bike use.  IMHO, the
>>bar should be set very high for any use of mountain bikes anywhere on the
>>CDT.  My preference would be for no mechanized users on ANY of the CDT.  On
>>my section hike in northern Colorado in 1999 I was appalled at the damage
>>caused by mechanized users on portions of the trail.  Thanks to Jim Wolf for
>>writing the thoughtful letter.  Jim, I'm glad you are on top of this issue.
Roger Carpenter
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