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[CDT-L] water

Jim & Ginny,

Your comments regarding water on the CDT are true. Of all the trails it has 
the worst water. I remember filtering water near Monida Pass with herd of 
cattle a few yards upstream. In addtion to drinking they had no qualms about 
defiling the stream with excrement. Besides that time and Scissors Crossing 
on the PCT I can't think of worse water!
Well, maybe those stagnant stock ponds, but I never could bring myself to 
partake of those unrefreshing waters.

Keep in mind water in CO is sometimes polluted from mining too. In fact 
there are entire rivers that are "dead" because of leach ponds that were 
breached and-or leaked into nearby streams. Use common sense: if there are 
tailings above the source then it's likely contaminated. Also, if the water 
is red or severely discolored you probably don't want to attempt drinking 

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