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[CDT-L] White River NF

The White River National Forest needs your help. Previously I posted a 
message regarding the new FS plan and issues the NF faces here in Colorado. 
This is public land and you have a voice regarding its use even if you don't 
live in CO.

Proposals include increasing current wilderness areas, adding new wilderness 
areas, eliminating ? miles of roads per year, decreasing the mileage of new 
roads, curtailing ski area expansion, restricting motorized uses of the NF, 
preserving existing roadless areas, and limiting timber and mineral 

If you consider the big game, endangered or threatened species, and other 
animals that comprise the vast ecosystems within and surrounding the White 
River NF that don't have a voice concerning the future of their homes, then 
you realize you may be the only advocate or hope they have.

Please send your comments to:

Planning Team
White River National Forest
PO BOX 948
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Comment period closes May 9 2000
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