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[CDT-L] focus

I see no reason for Earl to step down as list administrator. The list is 
growing and invariably it will change from its inception. For now I think 
the focus should not only be on gear, routes, water, etc. but also on 
bringing awareness and information to the long distance hiking community and 
any parties interested in the CDT in general.

Earl, I think it would be a good idea if you or somebody posted information 
about joining the list on the GORP forum. It seems that some people aren't 
aware of the list or how to sign on. (I've personally sent info to several 
parties seeking info on the CDT.)

I think everyone agrees this is a valuable resource for prospective hikers 
and trail users. Let's make the most of the forum while most of us are at 
home awaiting spring and the approaching hiking season.

Thanks for all the feedback and discussion thus far.

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