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[CDT-L] Mechanized use

I agree with Jim Wolf's (CDT Society) statements, which seem to imply
placing as many legal barriers as possible to mountain bike use on portions
of the CDT that are not already restricted to mountain bike use.  IMHO, the
bar should be set very high for any use of mountain bikes anywhere on the
CDT.  My preference would be for no mechanized users on ANY of the CDT.  On
my section hike in northern Colorado in 1999 I was appalled at the damage
caused by mechanized users on portions of the trail.  Thanks to Jim Wolf for
writing the thoughtful letter.  Jim, I'm glad you are on top of this issue.  

The comments on the post included the following snippet:

---jim: our position is no mountain bikes in wilderness areas or national
>parks. Other parts of the trail mountain biking could be permitted based on
>local land managers decisions taking into consideration the safety of
>non-motorized users or potential environmental impacts. Bruce. ---

I'm assuming "Bruce" is Bruce Ward of the CDTA.  Unfortunately, this
statement means nothing.  Mountain bikes are already prohibed from
wilderness areas and national parks.  The CDTA's position seems to carry no
weight at all.  

I'm glad the CDT Society is paying careful attention to this issue, taking a
leadership role, and acting in the best interests of hikers using the CDT.

Roger Carpenter
P.O. Box 651 
Vancouver, WA  98666
(360) 696-1746

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