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[CDT-L] List numbers

         I've done a quick check, and we currently have 97 subscribers to 
the list.  I've received email from 2 people stating they were leaving the 
list.  Hopefully that's all.  If not, then I would rather leave and turn 
the list over to someone else than have the list die.  Thinking as a team 
player, I guess...

         If anyone else is considering leaving the list due to the recent 
flurry of posts, please contact me first.  Perhaps we can work something out.


Earl Needham, KD5XB    mailto:KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG
Clovis, New Mexico	DM84jk N3425.446' W10312.700' (or so)

Pet peeve: breath is a noun,  breathe is a verb (When you take a breath, 
you breathe...)

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