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[CDT-L] Mechanized and motorized use

For those unfamiliar with the CDT in Colorado, mechanized (mountain bikes) 
and motorized (motorcycles, ATVs, etc.) use is growing on the CDT and CT. 
Unfortunately portions of the CT and CDT are open to these uses. Often I've 
wondered why, especially since the regulations for a National Scenic Trail 
preclude those specific uses. I know the PCTA fought a tough battle 
regarding mechanized use of the trail. Fortunately they won.

Noting that walking or hiking is the most primitive and simplist method of 
travel, I believe it's imperative to preserve wilderness and forest 
corridors not only for wildlife, but so we have places to walk.

Does anyone know why significant portions of the CDNST are open to motorized 
and mechanized travel? Also, is anything being done to eliminate and prevent 
these conflicting uses of our trail?

FYI: I heard the White River NF is starting a new signage program. If there 
isn't a sign that specifically states or depicts a particular use then it 
isn't permitted. This is a great idea (gee why didn't they do it in the 
first place?) and it should resolve some of the associated problems with 
signs being defaced, destoyed, or removed.

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