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[CDT-L] the trail in Montana

Just received the latest Gazette from ALDHA-west (good reading as always). 
One article by Scott Bischke, who I met on my 98 thru-hike, reminded me of 
the status of the trail in Montana. It seems like everyone I've spoken with 
about the trail in the Bob Marshall Wilderness agrees it's a nightmare. 
Imagine walking in knee deep mud countless miles, wondering if your next 
step will be the one that sucks off your boot or shoe into the abyss.

While I was slogging through there in late June-early July I had an idea to 
resolve the problem. Why not enact a moratorium on livestock in the early 
season? See, teams of horses and mules, pack strings sometimes 30 or better 
trudge through the fragile wilderness when it's starting to melt out. Though 
the FS is building new trail, it's quite costly and labor 
intensive...they're building elevated walkways through all the slop. 
Wouldn't it be simpler to prevent the impact during the melt-out by enacting 
a moratorium on livestock, especially the outfitters with 30+ teams loaded 
to the hilt?

Also, I find the results of Scott's data staggering, there are more 
motorized users on the CDT in MT than non-motorized. This is a reality we 
need to face and address. Hikers, unlike atv-ers are unorganized and we 
stand to lose more because of our inability to unite. Unfortunately for us 
they have lots of money, the support of "big bussiness" and lobbyists in 
Washington fighting for their agenda.

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