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Re: [CDT-L] Y2K Thru-hike

Trevor - 
Welcome to the zoo.  This list is still trying to figure out just what it
is and where it's going - but you might find some useful information if
you can sort through the "issues".  

I'll repeat this for your benefit - there's a lot of experience on the
list - including at least three Triple Crowns, and a large number of AT
and PCT thruhikers as well as CDT thruhikers and long distance section
hikers.  You're in the right place.  

It would be a really good idea to find a partner for at least the
northern Montana part of the trail.  The larger your "group" the lower
the probability of bear problems.  And if it's like last year, the
navigation is easier with more "eyes" to find the way - especially in the

Don't be shy about asking questions - that is (or should be) the prime
purpose of the list.  And I'll guarantee that the answers are here - if
everyone hasn't gone to sleep - or gone hiking.  :-)

Walk softly,

On Sat, 26 Feb 2000 20:26:14 PST "Trevor Duncan"
<duncantrevor@hotmail.com> writes:
> Well, with about three months before the departure date my partner 
> has 
> backed out.  I will be starting at the northern terminus in early 
> June 
> intending to thru hike to Mexico.  I am very serious about this but 
> I would 
> really like to have a partner.  With less than a dozen thru-hikers 
> per year 
> I'm starting to get nervous about finding a partner.  If you are 
> planning to 
> thru-hike the CDT this year, or know someone who is please E-mail me 
> at 
> Duncantrevor@hotmail.com  As a side note, how did it take me this 
> long to 
> find you guys?
>                                          Happy Trails;
>                                                     Trev
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