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Re: [CDT-L] re: Holy Smokes

>Nobody is out of breath on this end.  I suggest banal remarks be held and
>thought about before sending on.  Earl, if you feel this discussion thread
>has been a war, then I suggest you evaluate whether you have the proper
>temperament to be a list master.

         Perhaps I don't, if that would require me to accept being called
names as shown here:

Earl , banal means trivial, and in this case was used to refer to the list
member who followed directly after each of your prior two posts with short
trivial marginalizing banter.  I fail to see how you can judge the above
statement as a personal attack or name calling.  The basic statement was one
that remains open for your own personal assessment.


>the trail,  hike on the trail, and wave hello as you hike thru.

         That's cool.  If everybody wants to discuss politics, let's get to
it.  But I don't like it, and I think there's going to be more trouble

         But I'd rather hear more about the trail.


In my case, all my words on this list to date (this is the 4th) were
replies.  They were made because I believe a list dedicated to the CDT must
allow for a very wide range of discussion.  I feel efforts to stifle
,channel, and marginalize should be resisted. There is much more to "trail
talk" that chat about gorp, tarps, waypoints, poetic perceptions, and
resupply.  This list has some exceptional members, and the quality of their
input has been likewise.  From my point of view, I haven't read anything
much here that hasn't been about the CDT.


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