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[CDT-L] [cdt] dicsussion is not a war

I don't see this as a war. Not in the least. Not even a little. It has so far 
been a very civiilzed discussion. Earl, people tend to get really upset about 
censorship in any form, even if its just to "steer" the discussion. I learned 
that on GORP.  Much better to let people have their say -- and I, for one, am 
interested in ideas other than my own. 

I really agree with the people who have said that all issues re: the CDT are 
appropriate and inter-related. Where the water is is related to where the 
trail goes, is related to where the ranchers are. Where the trail goes in 
Northern NM is related to the local political issues and concerns of Indian 
and Hispanic communities. Where it goes in Colorado is related to mountain 
bikers and their lobby.  Whether it HAS a place to go is related to land use, 
local politics, and national ones (such as will a president step in to 
declare a national monument). It's ALL related. 

I know I've joined the list only recently, but I joined it because I heard 
from several people that there had been interesting discussions on these 
lists.  Then, I learn that a) the list has been practically dead. b) 
apparently, it gets revived in part because some new people join, and c) a 
few of you are "disappointed" in the turn the discussion takes.  

Debates are not wars. Neither are they personal.  You don't have to read 
everything, agrees with everything, respond to everything. Diversity and 
discussion keep us informed, challenge our beliefs, and help us define them. 
If you don't want to participate, just let the e-mails pass unread.  

But I hope you do participate -- 

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