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[CDT-L] Fascism

I see some of you aren't out hiking today - I see some of you need to be
out hiking today.  

This is the best definition of fascism I've run across - I don't believe
it would fit Earl - or anyone else on this list.  There's a wide enough
spectrum of personalities and viewpoints here that 'pigeon-holing' any
individual member would be difficult and inaccurate.  I'd suggest that we
be careful about "labels" here and stick to actual facts and logical
arguments.  Those can generate quite enough heat.  

Walk softly,

They chose the name "Falange" for their party because that had been the
name of the Macedonian battle units that had destroyed democracy in
ancient Greece.  The Falange symbols were a yoke and a sheaf of arrows. 
The Falange philosophy was Fascist.  But Fascism, which is
anti-intellectual, is not so much a system of thought, not so much a
definable political position, as it is an emotional disease.  It has been
different in each country.  It is marked by fear, basically - the fear
that breeds hatred and intolerance of whatever is different, whatever
does not conform to the simplest patterns of behavior, whatever cannot be
directly and completely controlled.  Frightened by the problems and
complexities of modern life, Fascists seek to simplify through
destruction and control through force.  Fascism is a psychological
condition that can be found among people of all countries, including our