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Re: [CDT-L] Political debate

One way to put the question of political discussion ( and whether this
is an appropriate venue for it ) into perspective, is to consider what
might have been the effect of the internet ( and discussion groups like
this ) had it existed back in 1956 when David Brower was ordered by the
Board of Directors of the Sierra Club to cease his opposition to the
Colorado River Storage Project. Would the destruction of Glen Canyon and
the desecration of Grand Canyon been prevented if the members of the
Sierra Club had had an instantaneous media for spreading the word and
mobilizing fellow citizens in opposition to the building of Glen Canyon
Damn? If there had been a Glen Canyon Trails List, would the voices that
would have opposed the discussion of anything not directly germane to
the hiking of the trails have prevailed? Or would have people who were
initially attracted to the list by the practical issues of route-finding
and spring locations been inspired enough by the more issues-oriented
members to mobilize a successful opposition to the fatal dam?
Who knows? And who knows what the future holds for any of National
Scenic Trails as administrations change? At least today we have the
ability to talk about it in real time, as opposed to the cumbersome and
too slow process of organizing local meetings through snail mail, which
in the early sixties wasn't nearly fast enough to mount an opposition to
the juggernaut of a government speeding along on a private industry sled
whose rails where greased by the prospect of big hydroelectric bucks. If
those who don't want to talk about the policies that may affect the
future of the CDT want a glimpse of one possible future, go look at Glen
Canyon, and imagine what once was.

Al Gomez

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