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RE: [CDT-L] Political debate

>From: "Kelly Miller" <aj7x@amsat.org>
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>Subject: RE: [CDT-L] Political debate
>Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 21:19:03 -0700
>I don't deny that their are considerations for the CDT in our choice of
>candidates in the upcoming election. And they are  important ones.  I don't
>want to see the CDT list become a political arena where there can very
>seldom be any winners. Each person can study the issues and make his/her
>best informed decision on election day for the issues that are of most

No intention of transforming the list into a political arena, but for some 
this is the only source of information. Besides, envronmentalists like 
Walkin Jim are concerned and want to make sure the hiking community is 

 >I come to the CDT for discussions on hiking the trail, resupply,
>the best equipment, to hear from others who have hiked the trail before, or
>to tap into the vast experience I find here. We could bring politics into
>any list on the net. The political questions are many and they are
>important.  A discussion in a professional manner of the political facts
>concerning  the trail keeps us informed and educated. But I just feel that
>it will too easily become a slugfest,  little different than what the
>candidates are already doing to each other. And this list doesn't need 
>I'm certainly no politician.  We have people in Washington that will
>hopefully act in our best interests.

Do you really believe this? If that attitude persists we will certainly lose 
our public lands, maybe not tomorrow though eventually.

And regardless of whether we belong to
>one party or another, we have a common interest.  If we didn't we wouldn't
>be here. When it comes time to vote, I'll put my hands up.  Let's let the
>politician throw the mud.
>This is my last post on this subject.  My views have been posted, and I
>appreciate the others.
>Now, lets hit the trail!

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