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Re: [CDT-L] Political debate

At 09:23 AM 2/26/00 -0500, KBerger466@aol.com wrote:

>I don't understand why people on this list keep trying to tell others what
>topics they should or shouldn't address!

Ordinarily I would agree with this except that the person who made the 
request ,
Earl, is the father of CDT-L.  It was his work and his equipment that 
started it.
It was later moved, through Ryan's generosity, to the backcountry site.  If 
has more clout on this list than any other subscriber, it would be Earl.  I can
understand why he would be nervous about the political issue.  It does tend
to inflame, in normal times, let alone an election year.  We are all 
people and have the resources to research our own political decisions.  I
hope Earl's wishes will be honored.

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