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[CDT-L] Politics and the list

At 08:46 PM 2/25/00 -0700, Michael Bleakley wrote:
>Hi Kelly and Earl,
>Well I absolutely disagree.

         I agree that political candidates can affect every part of our 
lives, how the Trail is managed over the years, and possibly even who is 
allowed to hike the trail.  That's not my objection.  I pushed HARD for 
CDT-L (some people say "founded") because I wanted to know more about the 
TRAIL.  Originally we started this list on my own PC, using email filters 
to forward messages out to the list.  Through the graciousness of Milt 
Webb, and later Ryan Brooks, the list was moved to a Majordomo-type 
server.  The political discussions don't tell me anything about where to 
find water between Cuba and Grants, for instance.

         I hate "politics" with a passion!  "Politics" can have otherwise 
friendly people ready to kill each other in a minute.  I don't like that, 
and I don't think that has any place on CDT-L.

At 08:19 PM 2/25/00 -0800, Roger Carpenter sent:
>Earl, I respect your opinions, even if I disagree with them.  But telling
>people what they CANNOT talk about is worse than politics.  It's fascism!

         I'm not sure I care to be called a fascist anywhere, ESPECIALLY on 
CDT-L.  And although you say you respect my opinions, there's certainly no 
respect implied in that name.  I have, so far, not told anybody what they 
can or cannot talk about.  I HAVE tried to steer the group away from 
political discussions.  I don't think that's fascism.  And I seriously 
doubt you'd call someone a fascist if they tried to prohibit discussions 
of, say, Southern Gospel singing or the merits of Morse code on CDT-L.  I'd 
appreciate your thinking this over before calling names on the list again.

         The last thing I would ever want is to give people the impression 
that this is MY list, and if you disagree with me, I'll kick you off the 
list.  I don't work that way, and I never have.  This list is for ANYBODY 
interested in the CDT.

         However, I would hope that, as "list administrator", my words 
about political discussion would be given some credence.

         According to the welcome message sent when someone subscribes to 
the list,

>Heated arguments and name calling should not be engaged in on the 
>list.  Please take these things to private email.

         I don't see a political discussion going anywhere EXCEPT into a 
heated debate that CDT-L doesn't need.  I hope this can end NOW.

         Thanks all,

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