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[CDT-L] Political debate

Hi Kelly and Earl,

Well I absolutely disagree.  The CDT is a national scenic trail mandated by
congress.  Vast lengths of the trail are on public lands and fall under the
jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior ,and other federal agencies
all of whom answer to the President of the United States and Congress.  IMHO
we are approaching a cruical election period and the outcome will have far
reaching environmental consequences; some of these will impact upon the CDT.
In the coming presidential election, for instance, we are faced with four
candidates within the two major parties.  Each could and should have better
records than they do, however, the two republican candidates have
particularly abysmal environmental records.  McCain has done wellish with
the Grand Canyon, but on a national level in the Senate he failed every
test, as for Bush just go to Texas and take a sniff.  But don't take my word
for it , put "environmental scorecard" in your favorite search engine, or
travel here for a start: http://scorecard.lcv.org/state.cfm .  My contention
is that political discussions are very "to the point" on this list.

San Luis CO

> I agree!
> ...Kelly
> >
> >          I think we can do without this on the list.  If someone wants
> > send political messages, I suggest they do so in PRIVATE email.
> >
> >          Earl