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RE: [CDT-L] Re: trail murders (was: 1 trail or routes)

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>Subject: RE: [CDT-L] Re: trail murders (was: 1 trail or routes)
>Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:06:14 -0600
>Didn't most of these occur close to roads and not in the true backcountry.
>Unfortunately I don't think there is a benefit  in designating one or more
>trails that will prevent this. disaster. IMO Any trail that is in close
>proximity to roads are susceptible to crimes. But hey I still feel safer in
>the mountains than on some city streets.


I camped near a seldom used FS road my last night in the Carson NF. It was a 
stone's through from the CO-NM border. Late in the afternoon a vehicle drove 
past my camp - concealed in a grove of spruce. The driver followed a side 
road that dead ended and came back a few minutes later. Before I knew it 
bullets were whizing through my camp and dirt was flying all around. I dove 
on top of my girlfriend and screamed for the idiot to stop shooting. 
Apparently we were well concealed, but no reason for anyone to pump off a 
few rounds into a random clump of spruce trees. Thankfully he drove away, 
but I couldn't help wondering if he'd come back to see if there was any 
damage or attempt to finish us off.

Without exception the real danger lies near "civilization".

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