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RE: [CDT-L] Trails, attitudes, and hiking our own hike

Although a single path would make it easier to get from point A to point B
my vote would be a collection of routes that are linked together to form
several paths in either direction. I'm not sure that this can be done, but
if there are presently various routes to be take now could they not be join
here and there and then split. This would enable different variations on the
same route. You could hike the CDT  several times and take different routes
along the way. If one is impassable take an alternate.

I am not proposing crisscross the backcountry with trails. As it is now with
multiple choice just tie present trails together at key points. Is this not
feasible? They can all be designated as the CDNST and with map & compass (or
even GPS) you take your desired route.

What's your vote?
Single trail - 1
Various trails - 1


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> I for one would like to see a trail to follow.  I like hiking on
> trails.  I
> prefer well defined trails over freeways and pavement and dirt roads.
> Bushwhacking over alternative routes in primitive areas is another
> matter...probably not conducive to high mileage days.  But take
> away the trail,
> and you just have what was there before.  I can hike from here to
> anywhere in
> the country, taking the right roads.  I hardly call that a long
> distance hike
> that I would enjoy.  I hope the CDT will someday have a "path" to
> follow...someday before I'm resign to the easier life.  Nothing hard to
> understand about it.
> ...Kelly
> > A well defined single path would be an atttempt at an AT clone.  Who
> > needs it?  One of the great attractions of the CDT is the freedom to
> > choose your own route. There are those who don't understand this -
> > generally they're not long distance hikers.  But not always.  As it is,
> > every CDT hike is unique.  Ours certainly was. I'd like to keep it that
> > way for future hikers.
> >
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