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[CDT-L] Geez, Roger---what took you so long to join the List?

Good to see another surge of interest in this list!

I'd like to add to Roger Carpenter's comments about ALDHA-West.  Roger didn't 
mention that he handed over the Secretary-Treasurership to me, thereby giving 
him more time to play on the trails.  Meanwhile, I'm slaving away at keeping 
the records..  
Anyway, ALDHA-West is a good little organization, with a lot of energy, and 
many CDT interests.  Our webpage (incidentally, originally created by Ron 
Moak of this List), with membership information, is:    

My own background includes the PCT 72-73, AT 74,  and 1500 miles of CDT 
97-99.  Be forewarned: the long-distance bug will fester inside you 
forever---and may resurface after 25 years!

Today's CDT reminds me a lot of what California was like in 1972-many route 
variations, lots of "virtual" trail, too much road-walking, relatively few 
distance-hikers, and a great sense of adventure in not knowing what every 
step would bring.  (Wilderness Press' guidebook came out the following 

Much as I loved the AT, I prefer the concept of a general Route, as opposed 
to a specific Trail (this should stir up some more discussion!).  Plus, the 
CDT still retains the adventure of just trying to figure out where the heck 
you are and where you're going.  Sometimes, being within 5 miles of where you 
hoped is pretty darn good!

-- Bert Ewing   (Eugene OR)

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