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[CDT-L] greetings

Welcome Charlie,

I missed you in 98 in Northern Colorado on the CDT. Thanks for your 
commentary, and I agree...let's debate issues rather than fight or sqaubble 
over them. How in the world did this forum digress into "hike your own 

Also, Charlie you raised some great questions that pertain to the future of 
the CDT. I think we need to band together on this one before nobody is able 
to afford let alone enjoy a wilderness experience, not only on the CDT, but 
everywhere. Which brings me to ask: Who is the American Hiking Society and 
what are they doing about these issues that pertain to hiking?

If anyone needs to contact me personally please do so at my email address: 
white_root@yahoo.com. Sorry if I responded to any messages that were not 
intended for the list, but I only receive list posts at this address and I 
have it set up to respond to the list.

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