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[CDT-L] Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water !

Well the AT has its purest debates and the PCT has its Jardine debates now
the CDT is forming its anti-clumper group. I thought this was the one place
where people would let others "Hike their own hikes" without having to
analyze them based on their own adventures. I guess I was wrong. 

Considering the absurdly tiny number of people who are into long distance
hiking, why do we constantly have to pick everyone's hike apart? Isn't it
enough that people are out there doing something they enjoy? Who cares how
they get it accomplished? There are no winners or losers along the trail, no
brass bands or commercial endorsements (at least not yet).

People hike for an infinite number of reasons with a variety a priorities.
Does it really matter if they chose to clump, socialize or hike past every
blaze. That shouldn't effect your hike. Especially if you did your hike
years ago. 

When my wife and I hiked the AT 20+ years ago, it was a different trail. We
were alone the vast majority of the time and didn't see another thru-hiker
for 1500 miles. We didn't spend time in towns socializing or many of the
other things hikers do to day. That makes our hike different, NOT BETTER,
just different. I'm glad we had the opportunity to do it then, but the fact
that thousands have come along later doesn't diminish their hikes. 

So first "Hike your own hike", then if you don't like the way others do it,
keep it to yourself. Last thing we need is a bunch of self appointed
thru-hiker police telling people how to do it the "Right Way". 

What would be thru-hikers need is to hear what you did and why. But just
because you did it your way, is no reason to expect others to follow suit.

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
PCT 2000 Journey - http://www.fallingwater.com/pct2000

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