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Re: [CDT-L] Southbound

Scott - 
At least 4 people started from the Canadian border on June 30 last year.
David's right - you'll be racing winter at least to the New Mexico
border, and even longer if you take Jim Wolf's route through the Carson
NF.  And you can still get snowed on in the Gila.  
Bottom line is that there is no "safe" time - that's one of the
attractions of the trail.  

But it IS doable - especially if you get at all lucky with the weather in
Colorado.  Just count on it being a "winter" hike.  We had *almost* 6
weeks of spring/summer this year - from mid-July until the first snow on
Sept 1.  

There's a lot of experience on this list now - more than most people
realize.  There are at least 3 Triple Crowns - plus a gaggle of other AT
and PCT thruhikers and CDT long section hikers.  Just don't expect them
all to agree - about anything.  But don't be afraid to ask questions -
IMO that's what this list is for.  If no one's asking questions then the
lists tend to either "die" or go into "flame" mode.  

If you ask questions, you'll probably get lots of answers - take what you
want/need and leave what doesn't fit for your hike or your "style".  If
you don't get the answers you need, then ask again - and be rude about it
if necessary.  I've seen questions get "lost" in the clutter of a hot
discussion.  But there's no reason for you to accept that.  If you're on
this list, your voice and your questions are just as important and just
as valid as anyone elses.  The only stupid questions are the ones that
you don't ask - 

Walk softly,

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000 12:06:43 -0500 scott mason pike
<pike@cis.ohio-state.edu> writes:
> There's a fountainhead of knowledge on this list, so what seems like 
> a
> plain question to me may take on a life of its own. I've been 
> postponing
> a CDT thru-hike for three years now. Finally, I have six months to 
> do
> it, but I can't start until late June. Admittedly, seasonal 
> variations
> may be all-important, but in general, how late could one *safely* 
> start
> as a southbounder from GNP?

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