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RE: [CDT-L] GPS vs. weight question

Check out www.garmin.com for their new lightweight eMap and eTrex.  About 6
ounces I think.  Otherwise, some might say that the weight for the heavier
models (IIplus, etc.) might be a bit much.  I might tend to agree for a 2700
thru-hike where ever ounce counts and the trail is well marked.  I always pack
one on shorter trip, though.  These lighter models close the gap and make the
decision a little easier.  For bushwhacking, a GPS can be even more useful, when
used with a map and compass.  This is where marking reference waypoints can be a
real asset.


> i was always curious about GPS systems aren't they heavy. i mean if you
> still need to carry around a backup (incase they break or the batteries go

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