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[CDT-L] GPS vs. weight question

i was always curious about GPS systems aren't they heavy. i mean if you
still need to carry around a backup (incase they break or the batteries go
south)  is not that a huge amount of extra weight you need to carry around?

i am not a very experienced hiker but i am building towards becoming one and
i always saw these GPS units as somehtign else heavy to carry in your pack
something you could go with out making it a "fluff" item. after all you
always should know how to use a map and compass and even other more basic
methods older than the map and compas incase something really stupid
happens.. right?

what are your opinions i would be interesed to change my opinion based on
good reasoning?

how many of you people out there that go off trail and bushwack a lot  also
know how to use a map and compass and more importantly something semi
reliable that does not require a compass or anything but your head and your
surroundings even if to just figure out how to follow a general north,
north-east track.

i have my first few no trail "bushwacking" day trips planned for after
winter.   i have a compass and a map(i am to poor to buy a GPS those thing
are expensive and i want to learn map and compass better) and have known how
to use them since my father taught me as a little boy many many years ago
when i was out with my sister and him on a girl scout thing (i must have
been only 5-6) and again by my father and others during my short stint in
the boyscouts(12-14  yuear sold i guess). never got real good at it but you
need to practice to get better than i am now... i just make sure i pick an
area where if i get lost and end up on some nameless peak far from where i
intended. i can hike due east(or close to it) and hit a big N-S  road or
soemthing of that sort. and try again some better day.


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