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[CDT-L] Web Space Reminder (ADMIN)

Just a reminder that I offer free web space for hiking related sites
(personal or public) at the friends.backcountry.net site:

> Please send an email to me (ryan@inc.net) with the subject "WEB
> SITE REQ" (I get tons of email).   In the message, please include the
> following:
> Your Real Name:
> Email Address:
> Topic/Title of Site:
> Pick a username (8 chars or less, lower case):*
> Pick a password (8 chars or less, at least one non alphabetical
> character, case sensitive):
> Approx. Space Requirements:
> *- This "username" will also be used in the URL to get to your site.
> For instance, if I picked "ryan";  http:/friends.backcountry.net/ryan

You can see the existing sites if you point your browser to just



Ryan K. Brooks                          V: 414-908-9000
ryan@inc.net                            F: 707-885-4944
   Time Warner Telecom / Internet and Data Division

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