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[CDT-L] New Mexico: Water

Over the past few years I've hiked over 10,000 miles on the AT, PCT, and 
CDT. In all the desert hiking I've encountered I found the route I chose 
through New Mexico on public lands was the best watered. There was only one 
place I recount running out of water in the entire state, and it was a 
drought year. The area I'm refering to is the Plains of the San Augustine to 
Pie Town. Alhtough there was water, a decomposing vulture was floating on 
the surface. Need I elaborate more about that source.

Futhermore I tend to agree with Karen regarding the adventure of it all. 
Sometimes you gamble and come up short on water or food. Heck I ran out of 
food twice from Silver City to Pie Town while trying to find my way through 
the blow-downs and snags around Diamond Peak north in the Aldo Leopold 
Wilderness. And to make matters worse I was still about 17 miles from Pie 
Town on Friday night after a gruelling 50+ mile day battling the fierce 
spring winds racing across the Plains of the San Augustine. Believe me, 
food, namely hunger is a powerful force and motivator. I hiked well into the 
night, splept for a few hours, and hiked the distance to Pie Town before the 
PO closed on Saturday morning on an empty stomach. At least my pack was 

Regarding trail organizations Tim, let's not compare apples to oranges. 
There are grave differences between the outfits you mentioned.

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