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[CDT-L] water

<<C'mon, Tim, lighten up.  I think their observations were pretty objective 
<<certainly not meant to be derrogatory toward any list member.  Please don't
<<take it that way.

    hmmmm ... i don't quite agree with this,  but my main objection to the 
owens' post is what i perceive as their venting about the "system" [and by 
implication, us trail volunteers who are out there under the auspices of the 
cdta].  sure, jim wolf IS a visionary, and the cdt may or may not exist 
because of his efforts, but he took it about as far as he could. 
    i know, i'm preaching to the choir here, but hey,  it takes an 
organization such as the cdta ... cumbersome, burocratic, wasteful, whatever 
else they may be ... to get the attention of nfs, nps, blm, in short the 
custodians of public land where we hikers are more-or-less forced to relocate 
our trails. it takes a while, but they DO get results eventually i.e.  
atc+=at, pcta=pct.   [an optimum situation: cdts and cdta join forces!]
   the cdta is trying to make the best of a bad situation ... relocation a 
trail through what seems to be [all things considered, at THIS moment the 
best solution] public land wilderness areas in a relatively waterless state.  
el malpais specifically: among other things [such as marking the stock 
tanks], the local blm ranger will try to get permission to tap into the local 
rancher's water lines for hiker hydrants right on the cdt.   this may or may 
not happen, since the ranchers installed this system, but this, among other 
issues, is being addressed.  it all takes time.
   the owens are high-profile thru-hikers and carry a lot of clout ... two 
thru-hikes, and a third one coming up in a few weeks.  many of us [me 
included] respect[ed] their efforts and enjoyed their progress reports on 
their cdt hike, i had hoped to meet them while they in this area.  however, i 
feel that their comments about the el malpais were not very objective, since 
they in fact bypassed it, and relied on what others said about that area.  
the tone of my message was as it was because we volunteers spend a year over 
there trying to do our best;  they breeze through and call our best a bad 
idea.  if i'm reading this wrong, then please pardon my misinterpretation.  
'nuff said on the matter, que no?
p.s.  wow,  this list certainly got active all of a sudden!]  
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