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[CDT-L] welcome new listers

Welcome Karen, Fiddlehead, and any other new listers!

Jim, your letters were eloquent. Now if they'll only take action! If you 
need additional support I'd be glad to share my experiences which are very 
similar to yours.

Also, regarding the Malpais, don't despair over your hard work on the trail 
and trips from Albuquerque. More often than not trails are relocated or 
abandoned. This happens yearly on the AT and probably the PCT. Because of 
the CDT's infancy it will continue to change, sometimes radically. Keep in 
mind too that long distance hikers, starting with Jim Wolf, generally lead 
the way for the trail eventhough we are the minority users. For instance, 
how many people are going to hike the signed trail along the Little 
Hatchets? It's way too circuitous to be practical for a thru-hiker, has an 
extremely limited season because it's generally hot - which doesn't entice 
many hikers, plus it's far away from any population centers.

I still wonder what the Animas Range, where the actual Divide is located, is 
like. It looks interesting on the maps. Too bad it's in private hands. That 
said, the Big Hatchet Range is exceptional. However it's a long bone-jarring 
4x4 ride to reach the border south of there and it's really remote.
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