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[CDT-L] cdt, nm malpias area

Dave Patterson wrote:
<<In fact a BLM agent I spoke with who is in charge of building trail near 
Malpais informed me he was instructed to locate the trail away from any 
man-made objects. Unfortunately this includes windmills and stock tanks, the 
only water sources out there. Therefore I doubt they'll ever see much if any 

hi cdt listers ...
   that el malpais cdt section is currently [but slowly] being built through 
one of the prettiest areas in new mexico,and also actually follows the 
continental divide for most of its circa 20 mile length.  it also connects 
with the zuni-acoma trail [also designated cdt] which traverses a unique lava 
flow.  one can road-walk all of nm route 117 between pie town and grants and 
miss these sections, but nm 117 is actually more waterless [unless you stop a 
car to ask for the stuff].  the "official" section in the "chain of craters" 
does in fact have several stock tanks near it, with water available from 
about march to october ... they are reasonably close and will be marked when 
i've completed that section, hopefully the coming summer.
   one reason the cdt is still somewhat underdeveloped in parts of new mexico 
is the lack of volunteers ... if anyone on the list lives anywhere near the 
cdt in these parts, there are still sections left that could use adoption.  
contact the cdta for information ... help would be appreciated!
blaze, albuquerque 
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