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Re: [CDT-L] Questions

Karen Elder wrote:
> Is there a guidebook, or more than one, for the Colorado
> portion of the CDT? If more than one, do you have any
> preferences?
> Have those who've hiked any portion of the CDT used a GPS
> for navigation on the trail? Comments?

Karen - 
Our partner in N Montana started the trail with a GPS. He made a valiant
effort to make it useful - but it seemed to us that it was simpler,
faster and just as accurate to use map and compass.  There are probably
other opinions, but I think it's a neat toy that has some real function
in mapping or in trail construction/design/maintenance.  But for hiking
- even on the CDT - I think it's overkill. It's a 'high-maintenance'
item that I don't need to spend time, energy -- or money on when I'm
doing a long distance hike.  On the other hand, Wolf used one for his
last PCT hike and really liked it. But, again, I think it was a toy for
him.  Bottom line is - it's not a 'necessity' for someone who knows how
to use a map.  

Walk softly,

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