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Re: [CDT-L] Trail differences?


All the guides depict different routes. That's why I put together 
Alternative Routes for the CDT. It can be extremely daunting when planning, 
or even worse when you're trying to find your way in a lightning storm etc. 
Regardless of your pre-trip planning you will have to make concessions on 
the CDT because of unforseen variables like weather, time, and natural 

Although there are likely superior routes for the CDT, there is no right or 
wrong way to hike it. In fact, I like it the way it is: incomplete. It's 
more of an adventure that way and a real challenge. Plus, I'd rather pick 
and choose where I want to hike rather than have someone corral me with an 
official route that isn't always the most scenic or advantageous way to 

Also, of all the thru-hikers I know of that have hiked the CDT, none of them 
have taken the exact same route all the way down.

Good questions, thanks for bringing some life to the forum. Hey anybody else 
out there?
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