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Briefly, cause the entire CDT is too political for me, CDTS is a grass roots 
organization founded by Jim Wolf in 1978. Without his pioneering efforts 
it's likely the CDT would not exist, or at least not exist as it is today. 
He has devoted countless hours and energy into the trail as well as 
informing the long distance hiking community about how, when, and where to 
hike the trail. CDTS also publishes a series of guidebooks and updated 
supplements that cover most of the CDT.

On the other hand CDTA was founded in 1995 by Bruce and Paula Ward. This 
organization operates under non-proffit status, though receives lots of 
money from federal grants and corporate donations. They are far more 
political than CDTS, lobbyists if you will, and don't exhibit much, if any, 
interest in the long distance hiking community.
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