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[CDT-L] Thanks

Thanks for the info on the available guidebooks and your
opinions on the usefulness of GPS for the CDT.

While I was hiking the CT (Colorado Trail -- Denver to
Durango) in 1998, I met a guy hiking the CT who had started
off that summer hiking the CDT. He'd started in NM but
bailed out of there, if I recall correctly, because (he
said) it was too far between water sources. So he started up
again in Colorado on the CDT but switched to the CT because
he was having trouble with snow re routefinding (thus my
question about how using GPS). Apparently this guy, who
called himself "Kantishna Bush Pilot" had thru-hiked the AT
like 20 or 30 years before. He'd also hiked a good portion
of the PCT. However, I think that on the PCT and especially
the CDT, he missed the social life of the AT (as well as the
ease of following the white blazes).


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