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Re: [CDT-L] Questions

Margo Chisholm wrote:
> There's also David Patterson Alternative Routes for the Continental
> Divide Trail. A little book of alternatives. Ginny, where do I find Jim
> Wolf's book. I have the Jones one and would like to have both. Does the
> CDTS have it in their bookstore?

Margo - 
You can get the guidebooks through the Continental Divide Trail Society,
3704 North Charles Street (#601, Baltimore, Maryland 21218-23
Tel: 410-235-9610 Email: cdtsociety@aol.com

You might also find them on Amazon.com although I haven't checked that
recently.  Adventurous Traveler (?) had them last year, too.  

CDTA won't have them - note the difference between CDTA and CDTS.   

Let us know if you can't find them - we can always call Jim Wolf.  Need
to do that anyway.  

Walk softly,

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