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Re: [CDT-L] Questions

Karen Elder wrote:
> Is there a guidebook, or more than one, for the Colorado
> portion of the CDT? If more than one, do you have any
> preferences?
> Have those who've hiked any portion of the CDT used a GPS
> for navigation on the trail? Comments?
> Karen

Karen, there are the Jim Wolf guidebooks and the Westcliff book by Tom
Jones.  We carried both on our thruhike. I liked Jim's books better.
They were easier to understand (Tom tended to say turn 165 deg and walk
50 paces, then turn 300 degrees and walk 10 paces, etc.) where Jim would
say, head toward the big round knob. Much simpler. Jim's books also had
better/more water sources. One section (near Troublesome Pass) Jones
said, "there is no water for the next 12 miles."  Jim listed 5 sources
in that 12 miles, and we found six.

GPS isn't necessary, especially in Colorado. There is very little, if
any, cross-country travel. Paying attention to the guidebooks is
important as some of the junctions are very obscure and the maps lie.


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