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[CDT-L] CDT updates

Trail updates:

For those heading out on the CDT this year I understand a new section of 
trail will be built in the Gila. It will reroute the trail away from Allie 
Canyon and the Mimbres River eliminating a long road walk -providing a more 
direct link to the Black Range. Keep in mind however that there are other 
viable routes through the Gila as well as the entire CDT.

If anyone is interested in some updated town info including alternative 
places to resupply in some of the more difficult areas please let me know 
and I'll post it.

Thanks again to all the supporters of Alternative Routes; if there isn't 
freedom in life, at the least we can have freedom on the trail!

"White Root"

David Patterson

AT 95
PCT 96
CDT 98
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