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[CDT-L] Pur

They (Pur) got back to me.  So in the interest of fairness I'll publish
their response.  I don't think it requires any comment on my part -
except that the 2 filter bodies and the other 3 cartidges are in
landfills in Montana, Colorado and New Mexico so it would be somewhat
difficult to return them.  There are people who are happy with Pur - and
those who aren't. But then - not many thruhikers are ever happy with
their water filter.  

Walk softly,

Mr. Owen,

Thank you for contacting PUR.  Please accept my apology for the
paid to your clogging hiker filter cartridges.  I am unaware of any
in our intent to honor our 1 year anti-clog guarantee.  However, after
searching our system, I am unable find a record of contact with our
with regard to sending the filter cartridges in for replacement.  In
general, it is a good practice to contact a company when you are
experiencing a problem with a product.  In that way, we are informed and
have a record that we are expecting to receive damaged or defective

In the interest of good will, I will replace the two hiker cartridges
claim to have sent us.  Also, I would be happy to replace the other 3
cartridges you mentioned upon receipt of them at our company.  If you
intend to return the other 3 cartridges, please call our consumer
services help
line at 1-800-787-5463, to obtain a return authorization prior to
the cartridges.  The representative will give you instructions on how to
send the cartridges to us.

I am sorry that you did not receive a satisfactory resolution to your
situation previously.  Be assured that we do indeed stand behind our
anti-clog guarantee and will do everything possible to ensure your
satisfaction.  Expect delivery of your replacement hiker cartridges in
about 7 - 10 business days to the address listed below.

Best regards,

Tom Eversman
Supervisor, Consumer Services
PUR Water Purification Products
eversman.tom@purwater.com <mailto:eversman.tom@purwater.com> 
1-800-787-5463, ext. 5551

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