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[pct-l] Pur Hiker water filter

We're taking care of business here - this is a copy of a letter which I
have sent to Pur. I think it might be of interest to anyone who
backpacks - and certainly to long distance hikers.

Walk softly,
Jim Owen
Spirit Eagle, AT-92, CDT-99, PCT-00


February 3, 2000

Recovery Engineering, Inc
9300 North 75th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55428

Dear Sir or Madam:

My wife and I  recently completed a 6 month, 2700 mile thruhike of  the
Continental Divide Trail.  During the course of  that 6 month  hike we
used 2 Pur Hiker water filters.  The first one failed 2 weeks into the
trip and was replaced at our expense in Lincoln, MT.

We also used a number of filter cartidges during that 6 months.  We sent
two of those filter cartridges to you  under  the misconception that
your "1 year no-clog guarantee"  was still in effect and that you were
still honoring said guarantee.   One of those cartridges was sent from
Mack's Inn, ID and  had been used for one month.  The second cartridge
was returned from Rawlins, WY and had been used for less than 3 weeks.
In neither case was there any reponse on your part, nor any apparent
effort to honor your "guarantee".

We clogged three (3) more filter cartridges before completing the
Continental Divide Trail on November 30, 1999.  But we did not return
them to you due to the lack of response to the first two (2) returns.
We didn't have the time or energy to deal with that kind of problem at
that time.

If you are no longer honoring your 1-year  no-clog guarantee, I would
appreciate being so informed.  Particularly since we need to find a
water filter for use on a Pacific Crest Trail thruhike starting in April
2000.  If your guarantee is no longer valid, then we need to find
another brand of water filter to use.


Jim Owen
Spirit Eagle, AT-92, CDT-99, PCT-00

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